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Data Coordinator

Organization: St. Peter (Kirkwood)
Full Time

Position Summary

Serve as the Data Coordinator for St. Peter Parish to assist with fulfilling the parish mission under the supervision of the Director of Finance and Operations.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Direct Safe Environment Program for St. Peter Parish

a. Serve as the Child Safety Coordinator;

b. Contact all organizations to obtain current lists of all employees and volunteers to ensure that all parties are in compliance with Archdiocesan Guidelines;

c. Plan and execute, along with the trained facilitator, “Protecting God’s Children” sessions semi-annually at St. Peter;

d. Update list of Youth Code of Ethics documents (yearly) by removing aged-out records;

e. Prepare for yearly Archdiocese Safe Environment audit.

f. Identify process improvements to streamline process and ensure compliance;

2. Manage and update parish databases (i.e. Servant Keeper, Parish Helper, etc.) to facilitate data analyses and provide information to support financial, operational, and event-related decisions:

a. Record Contributions into Servant Keeper

i. Serve as the Liaison to the Money Counting Team;

ii. Enter weekly contributions;

iii. Setup/maintain Autodebit listing and enter monthly ACH Deposits;

iv. Enter monthly ‘We Share’ contributions for visitors;

v. Enter yearly catechist stipends;

vi. Enter any year-end contributions outside the normal collection process;

vii. Create and label manila folders for Posted Contributions reports (yearly).

b. Create analyses to support financial-related decisions and capital campaign activities

i. Offertory Contributions

1.Number of donating and non-giving households;

2.Average donation by household (i.e. weekly, monthly, annually);

3.Volume (i.e. # of gifts, dollar amounts, etc.) of unrestricted and restricted gifts by family.

ii. Capital Campaigns

1.Identify parishioner giving capacity (i.e. collaborate with Roman Catholic Foundation to capitalize on Razor’s Edge information);

2.Track donations;

3.Identify non-donors to facilitate direct marketing efforts.

c. Maintain the database of all parishioners to receive contribution envelopes

i. Generate a bi-monthly listing of parishioners receiving weekly envelopes, including specials;

ii. Generate a bi-monthly listing of all parishioners making electronic donations (i.e. We Share or ACH) who wish to receive only “special” collection envelopes;

iii. Submit lists electronically to Church Budget every other month.

iv. Process change of addresses received from Church Budget.

d. Registering New Parishioners

i. Enter family information into Servant Keeper (Cloud Version 8.0);

ii. Setting up new parishioners for contribution envelopes and other parish information;

iii. Notify “Welcoming Committee” of new parishioners;

iv. Notify Flocknote Administrator of new and updates to parishioners.

e. Keeping Parish Database (Servant Keeper) update to date:

i. Process deceased parishioners;

ii. Process parishioners who have left the parish;

iii. Process change of parishioner information.

f. Enter sacramental information into Parish Helper On-Line (PHOL)

i. Proof Excel files for First Communions and Confirmations from Coordinator of Religious Education (CRE); edit and format for usability to record the sacraments; coordinate changes with CRE.

ii. Record school-related First Communions and Confirmations into PHOL;

iii. Coordinate with Adm Asst with recording in the Sacrament Books.

g. Submit file to the Archdiocese of Servant Keeper Changes

i. Prepare file and send monthly.

h. Saint Louis Review (annually)

i. Add and remove parishioners from the Saint Louis Review list based on established parameters;

ii. Generate list on an annual basis for Saint Louis Review renewals;

iii. Update Saint Louis Review of any removals throughout the year.

i. Status Animarum (annually)

i. Collaborate with Administrative Assistant/Receptionist to ensure that all sacramental information has been entered into Sacramental Books;

ii. Generate all status Animarum-related reports as instructed by the Archdiocese;

iii. Reconcile sacramental books information with Parish Helper information;

iv. Obtain signatures from the Finance Committee and the pastor;

v. Submit parish and sacramental information to Archdiocese.

j. Year-end Contribution Statements (annually)

i. Generate year-end statements from Servant Keeper;

ii. Collaborate with Administrative Assistant/Receptionist to stuff and mail statements;

iii. Mail to parishioners before January 31 of each year.

3.Prepare the monthly Priests’ Mass Schedule:
a. Coordinate with the Pastor / Deacon;
b. Distribute to recipients.
4.Prepare mass stipend checks for the Priests monthly:
a. Prepare mass stipend checks for visiting priests;
b. Update Mass Stipend’s spreadsheet (for Director of Finance use);
c. Keep Stipend Account checkbook in financial order;
i. The Stipend Account checkbook and bank statement will be reconciled by the Director of Finance and Operations on a monthly basis.
d. Prepare stipend money deposits twice a month.
5.Support the ACA Leader and perform parish support duties (annually):
a. Prepare computer list for Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) during mid-December;
b. Order necessary ACA supplies;
c. Monitor ACA supplies status to ensure receipt prior to campaign kickoff;
d. Mail all ACA cards and funds received at Rectory to Archdiocese ACA Office.
6.Handle phone system modification activities:
a. Update the holy day mass times message, as well as any other necessary message revisions;
b. Update phones due to personnel changes:
i. Modifying supporting documentation (i.e. extension lists, modifying auto attendant messages);
ii. Creating new phone key templates.
7.Assist with St. Peterfest (annually)
a. Set up and support Ticket Pre Sales;
b. Coordinate with the Director of Finance and Operations to set up cash boxes and envelopes for all booths;
c. Help setup the money handling room on Friday afternoon
8.Miscellaneous Duties:
a. Coordinate special speakers (i.e. missionaries) throughout the year;
b. Mark collections bags for Easter / Christmas / special second collections;
c. Ensure sufficient postage in the USPS Bulk Mailing Account is available throughout the year for parish mailings;
d. Publish Yearly Parish Holiday Schedule;
e. Order Ordos;
f. Coordinate with Maintenance to update the corner message board;
g. Order letterhead envelopes and stationery;
h. Gather Rice Bowl donations; coordinate getting it counted;
i. Support Bulletin Editor for School Christmas Card
9.Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor and/or Director of Finance and Operations

a. Assist Administrative Assistant/Receptionist (i.e. answering phones and the door) when necessary

Knowledge & Experience Requirements

•Bachelor’s degree in business administration and/or related educational field

•Three (3) to five (5) years of experience, preferably in a data management position and the ability to work thirty-five (35) to forty (40) hours per week, and occasional weekends and evenings for St. Peter Parish

Skills & Attitudes Required for Success in Job

  • Strong Microsoft Office skills (i.e., Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access);
  • Preferably active and practicing member of the Catholic faith;
  • Strong ethical standards and discretion is required;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral;
  • Self-starter with strong project management skills and the ability to prioritize and balance several projects at one time;
  • Strong process improvement skills

Relationships Requirements

  • Ability to work well with parish staff and volunteers; able to collaborate with the leadership of the St. Peter community in advancing the parish mission.
  • Meet weekly/monthly with Pastor and Director of Finance and Operations to identify goals and progress in attaining such with respect to database management.

Send cover letter and resume to Kevin Stillman at [email protected]