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Business Manager

Organization: Saint Cletus
Full Time

The Business Manager reports to the Pastor and is responsible for all administrative functions of the parish.The school is led by a Principal, with the Business Manager having responsibility for the areas listed below for both the parish and the school.The Business Manager is the primary contact in working with parish volunteers and vendors. It is also the primary point of contact with the Archdiocese on administrative matters.

Financial Management and Controls

  • Coordinate all bookkeeping functions performed for the parish by the Archdiocese
  • Submit financial reports and data to the Archdiocese
  • Manage payroll data and provide input to the Archdiocesan payment system
  • Manage the cash receipts and cash disbursements processes
  • Manage accounting and cash requirements of major volunteer groups (e.g. PTO)
  • Coordinate the billing and collection of school tuition

Risk Management

  • Protect all Parish Assets through:
  • Effective safeguards for cash and other financial assets
  • Effective financial reporting, in compliance with GAAP and Archdiocesan guidelines
  • Annual insurance program
  • Assist with periodic auditing by the Archdiocese
  • Manage programs and systems to ensure individual safety
  • Manage programs and systems to ensure the security of all physical assets
Human Resource Management

  • Assist the pastor in all employment decisions
  • Assist the pastor in completing performance evaluations
  • Manage the compensation and benefits programs for all parish employees in coordination with the Archdiocese
  • Ensure employee compliance with Archdiocesan policies and procedures

Facilities Management

  • Maintain a capital spending plan
  • Ensure proper current condition of all physical assets
  • Develop and manage completion of annual maintenance plans
  • Manage all aspects of capital spending, from bid specs to project completion, in coordination with the Archdiocese as necessary
  • Manage the day to day maintenance and cleaning of parish facilities

Information Technology and Communication Systems

  • Manage all aspects of the IT and telephone systems, including:
  • equipment, service contracts, domain names, licensing,firewalls & antivirus systems, etc.

Relationship Building and Support

  • Working with school families on Archdiocesan tuition grant program
  • Primary parish support ombudsman to multiple volunteer groups
  • Create and support systems to enhance volunteerism and community
  • Other duties as defined by the pastor or his designee

The successful candidate must be experienced with strong accounting, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain confidentiality. A strong work ethic and faith in Catholic doctrine are mandatory.