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6th Grade Teacher

Organization: St. Vincent de Paul School, Perryville, MO
Full Time

The Saint Vincent de Paul Sixth Grade Teacher fulfills the mission of Saint Vincent de Paul Elementary School by planning, guiding, and evaluating the learning process of the students in the Catholic school for whom the teacher is responsible within the framework of the school’s philosophy, organization and curriculum. Teacher will be responsible for lesson plans, conducting instruction, regularly evaluate instructional materials for grade appropriateness, and continually asses student development and performance. Develop and maintain collaborative, productive work relationships with colleagues, students, parents and any other individuals in a position to meet student needs and advance their growth, development, and achievement. The teacher is responsible fostering the intellectual, social, physical, and faith development of sixth grade students. Bachelor’s degree and a teaching certification is required for this position. Resume and application need to be sent to

Application and Instructions are located at: Click on ‘View Application and Instructions’.