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High School Admissions Policies

Ordinarily any student whose educational needs can be served and who applies to an Archdiocesan high school will be admitted. The normal time for application is November of eighth grade in order to enter the freshman class the following school year. Qualified students may be accepted later on a space available basis. Admissions policies for the private Catholic high schools vary. Parents are advised to review the Catholic High School Directory or contact the individual schools for this information.

Acceptance to a Catholic high school is contingent upon successful completion of eighth grade. Students whose records show low achievement and/or failing grades may be required to attend a summer school program before admission is finalized.

Willingness to accept the financial responsibilities of attending an Archdiocesan high school constitutes an admissions requirement.

All Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of St. Louis admit students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin and do not discriminate in admissions policies, scholarships and loan programs, and athletic and other school administered programs.

Cooperation of parents/guardians with their church and school can be an important criterion in determining the acceptance of the application for admission. Non-Catholic students are admitted provided they and their parents/guardians are willing to fully subscribe to the religious philosophy and program of the school. Priority is given to non-Catholic students entering from Catholic schools. Non-Catholic students from other schools are admitted on a space available basis.

High School Admissions Procedure

The procedure for applying to one of the 26 Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese includes the following steps.

  1. High school nights are held in September and October on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at various locations.  Please see the high school nights schedule for additional detail.
  2. A required online application for enrollment in any Catholic High School is available between October 14 and November 15, 2019. NOTE:  Individual high schools may have an additional application for their specific school, which is in addition to the archdiocesan application.  It is the parent responsibility to contact the selected school to verify other necessary enrollment steps.
  3. Open House is held on November 3, 2019 as well at various other dates.Please see the open house schedulefor additional detail
  4. By November 29, 2019 the following items are sent by the elementary school principal to the Catholic high school that is listed first on the application: a copy of the student's cumulative record including all final grades, standardized test results, diagnostic test results and discipline records; a copy of the report card for first quarter of eighth grade; and, the completed application form. NOTE: Only one set of records for high school admission is prepared for each applicant.
  5. A copy of the first semester report card is sent to the high school by the elementary school principal by January 11, 2020.
  6. Letters of acceptance and non-acceptance are mailed to students on January 31, 2020 by each high school.
  7. A copy of the second semester report card is sent to the Catholic high school the student will be attending as soon as possible after grades are ready at the end of the second semester.

High School Nights

A series of High School Nights are scheduled in September and October each year at various locations around the Archdiocese. These are held in the evening, and provide students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and their parents an opportunity to hear from representatives of many of the Catholic high schools about their programs and policies. Parents and students are encouraged to take advantage of the High School Nights as they continue the process of considering high school selection options.


High School Open House

Most of the Catholic high schools host an Open House on the first Sunday in November. Some of the high schools host on various other dates. A schedule is published on this website. The high schools are generally open in the afternoon, but times at individual schools will vary.Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and their parents are invited to tour the high school facilities and learn about their programs.Open House is scheduled so that multiple high schools can be visited that day. Parents and students are encouraged to take advantage of Open House as they begin process of considering high school selection options.



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The people of the Archdiocese of St. Louis established this endowed fund through their contributions to the Returning God's Gifts campaign. This ten million dollar endowment was established in May 1999. Grants are made on the basis of financial need as determined by the application process. Grants may be used for Catholic children to attend an archdiocesan or parochial elementary school, an archdiocesan special education school, or an archdiocesan or parochial high school. The TTEF application can be found online on their website.