Memorials and Tributes

Don’t know what to give the person who has everything? What do you give to your child’s teacher to show appreciation? Or how do you remember someone beyond the life of a flower?

Memorials and Tributes are great gifts that support a cause and reach far beyond a material object. While this is a new way of giving to the Catholic Youth Apostolate, we have several examples of how people are taking advantage of this great gift. A member of our Scouting Committee asked everyone to make a donation on her behalf instead of getting her a birthday gift. Also, a former Board Member who recently passed away asked people to give to the Catholic Youth Apostolate in lieu of flowers.

Make a tribute or memorial gift to the Catholic Youth Apostolate on behalf of someone. When the Catholic Youth Apostolate receives a tribute or memorial, we send a special card with a message inside stating that a gift was made on their behalf and a thank you letter is sent to the donor. Donations can be designated to one of our ministries or can support all our efforts to bring Jesus into the lives of youth around St. Louis.

Tribute and Memorial gifts are a great way to support the Catholic Youth Apostolate and share your commitment with your family and friends. For more information contact Julie Feldner at (314) 792-7625 or email [email protected].