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The Office of Risk Management is pleased to announce we have partnered with CrisisGo to enhance our school safety programs.

Over the last 10 years, the Archdiocese has provided resources and training related to school safety including Active Shooter Training, Grants for Security Improvements, Physical Safety Reviews, and Safety Policy Procedure Recommendations.Continuing to improve school safety has led us to provide the following programs to all of our Archdiocesan schools at no costs for the next 3 years including:

  • CrisisGo Safe2SpeakUp
  • CrisisGo Safety iResponse

We are excited to offer this service to our schools with a national school safety provider based in St. Louis.  The attached letter provides additional information on these programs.

The week of October 9, 2023, CrisisGo will conduct safety training sessions and set up technology for the Safe2SpeakUp application at our schools throughout the Archdiocese.  Each school needs to send 2-3 administrators to one of the four sessions listed below:

  • Tuesday, October 10, 2023           Cardinal Rigali Center                                            8:30 – 3:30
  • Wednesday, October 11, 2023      St. Francis Borgia Parish Jesuit Hall, 3rd Floor      8:30 – 3:30
  • Thursday, October 12, 2023          St. Joseph (Imperial) Corpus Christi Center          8:30 – 3:30
  • Friday, October 13, 2023               St. Joseph (Cottleville) Parish Hal                         8:30 – 3:30


  • All attendees must RSVP by October 5, 2023.

    Reservations are on a first come basis until the facility is full and is needed to have an accurate lunch count.
  • 1st Registrant

  •  - 

  • 2nd Registrant

  •  - 

  • 3rd Registrant

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  • If registering more than three people from one parish/school, please "submit" and start a new registration form.