Citing and Permissions to Publish

Quotations from and references to materials that fall within the fair use guidelines of the United States Copyright Law do not require written permission from the Archives, but should still be properly cited in the work.

Researchers wishing to use reproductions of items from the Archdiocese of Saint Louis Archives for commercial or non-profit reproduction and/or publication in either electronic or paper format must receive explicit permissions from the Archives or copyright holder. Separate application through writing or this form must be made to the Archdiocese of Saint Louis Archives in order to obtain permission to publish, reproduce or disseminate publicly any materials owned by the Archives.

Reproductions include physical or digital copies of materials, including those which may be taken by the researcher using self-service digital photography. Publication or use is defined as dissemination to an audience or the public, including but not limited to print, film, video, slide presentation, television, computer, internet, electronic media and exhibit formats.

The holder of copyright may be the writer or creator, the writer or creator’s heirs or assigns, the writer or creator’s literary executor or other designated legal representative, or the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) does not allow the Archives to grant permission to publish materials that we do not own. The researcher assumes full responsibility for identifying the holder of copyright and obtaining permissions.

When permission to use or publish is granted, the researcher agrees to give proper acknowledgment to the Archdiocese of Saint Louis Archives, as well as the proper citation and location of the material where applicable. This can include the record group number, collection title, box number, folder title, description of item being used. 

Permission is granted, in advance, for one time use only. That is, an initial printing or use of the material.  The reuse of the material in another printing, edition, or publication is not granted without the written permission of Archdiocese of Saint Louis Archives. In authorizing publication or use of any material, the Archives does not surrender its own right to publish the same material or to grant others permission to do so.

In no case does permission to publish imply transfer of copyright or proprietary rights. Any publication of material from the Archives must credit the Archdiocese of Saint Louis Archives. The Archives reserves the right to refuse to grant permission to publishers and individuals who have not complied with these conditions.

Please consider donating a copy of the publication to the Archdiocese of Saint Louis Archives.

Request Permissions to Publish Form


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