How can you start a conversation with God? Here’s a story about one man’s journey.

Recognizing that everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God and then being grateful and generous with those gifts is how we are all called to live. A stewardship lifestyle is part of being a good disciple of Jesus. It puts us on the path to holiness, to becoming a saint and hopefully, gets us to heaven. The concept of stewardship is easy to understand, the hard part is putting it into practice.

 Dave has been in the Stewardship Office since January 2012. He knows first-hand the false promises of the secular world, of not keeping God first in all things.

 “I’ve grown up Catholic. I’ve always believed in God, but, I’m ashamed to say that, for most of my adult life, I turned my back on God. I put other ‘gods’ like money, pride and power before God. After my mom died, I really began to miss her and was invited to attend a retreat at the White House Jesuit Retreat Center. For the first time in my life, I spent time, alone and in silence, listening to God. I was broken and needed His help. That’s when my personal relationship with God started. I was completely overcome with this sense of gratitude for everything He had given me, especially all the wonderful people, like my mom, that God put in my life. Today, I can’t stop talking about it!”

 My experience has been that many people are absolutely craving God, but have forgotten or don’t know how to start the conversation with Him. By living a stewardship lifestyle, spending time in prayer with God every day, joyfully witnessing your faith through your parish ministries and generously sharing your money to support your parish and greater Church mission, I’ve seen not only the lives of our Catholic brothers and sisters transformed, but also the lives of many of our parish communities.”

 Has your parish embraced stewardship? Over the past six years Dave has met with 140 of the 180 parishes in the Archdiocese of St. Louis on personal and parish stewardship formation. His work is supported by the Annual Catholic Appeal.

 Everything that the Appeal supports has the same goal, bringing Christ to others, building the Church, and helping people get to heaven. Together, we can help tell this incredible story. Please consider making a gift to the ACA at your parish. You can also give online at Thank you in advance for your prayers and for your generous response to the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal.


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