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Business Manager

Organization: Archdiocese of St. Louis
Part Time

The Archdiocese of St. Louis has a great part-time opportunity for a Business Manager at South City Catholic Academy. The business manager is an employee of South City Catholic Academy and will report directly to the principal and city-regional director on all matters outlined in this job description. In addition, the business manager will be accountable to the finance committee chairperson of the board of directors and consult with the Office of Education and Formation co-director of finance and strategic planning and the Office of Shared Accounting Services (SAS).

Daily Hours and Weekly Schedule:

The business manager will work two (2) full workdays a week at South City Catholic Academy typically from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

•Special Note: Daily start and end times can be adjusted with the permission of the principal to accommodate such things as parent tuition meetings, etc.

•The business manager is expected to attend the quarterly Board of Directors meetings, which are normally held in the evening.

Responsibilities Include:

Registration/Enrollment of Families

•Assist with the new enrollment/re-enrollment process.

•Meet with each school family during the enrollment period to discuss family tuition agreements and payment arrangements.

•Assist school families with registering for FACTS.

•Assist school families with processing and submitting TTEF applications, requalification paperwork, and school commitment forms per established timelines (on-line process. Communicate with TTEF on all matters pertaining to tuition assistance programs. Complete and submit TTEF Verification Reports per established timelines. Prepare and provide proper student withdrawal notifications (forms or online) to the TTEF.

School Tuition and Non-Tuition Payments

•Oversee the tuition collection process (AR).

•Serve as the liaison between the school and FACTS.

•Review monthly FACTS tuition reports and address arrears per established policies.

•Follow-up with school families concerning payment schedules, focusing particularly on families who are not current on payments; personally contact school families via letter and a phone call at 30 days and 60 days in arrears.

•Provide the principal with monthly updates pertaining to tuition collections; immediately inform the principal of extenuating circumstances.

•In consultation with the Principal, enforce arrears policies and procedures.

•Manage adjustments to tuition accounts.

•Obtain written documentation on all tuition adjustments and stop-payments.

•Review credit memos and adjustments with the city-regional director and the school principal.

•Prepare deposits (misc. tuition and non-tuition) per the established cash receipts handling procedures.

School Budget

•Assist with the formation and review of the school budget in collaboration with the city-regional director and finance committee chair of the Board of Directors.

•Review financial statements and monitor school budget line items, especially the following categories: Occupancy, Supplies and Equipment, and Fees and Services.

•Monitor and discuss financial statements and budget variances with the city-regional director, finance committee chair, and principal.

Purchases and Invoices

•Oversee invoice submissions/payables. Submit invoices to the principal for verification (principal initials invoice next to amount) code invoices using a chart of accounts. Work with SAS for invoice input and payments to vendors.

•Monitor purchase card transactions. Compile supporting documentation and prepare transmittal forms for all purchase card (P-Card) transactions.

•Monitor Petty Cash/Imprest Account. Code and submit supporting documentation for imprest account reimbursement.

•Serve as a “Watcher” on school purchases through Coupa.

•Work with the local parish related to shared costs and proper settlement of those costs.


•Prepare personnel benefits packets with the exception of principal/teacher contracts; principal/teacher contracts are prepared by the Office of Human Resources - Educational and sent to the school.

•Oversee the bi-monthly submission of timesheets for hourly employees. Establish a routine for gathering timesheets from hourly employees. Verify the completeness and accuracy of timesheets.

•Oversee the completion and submission of new hire payroll paperwork.

Facilities and Third-Party Contracts

For Facilities:

•Upon approval of the city regional director, principal, and maintenance supervisor - solicit bids for facility issues/improvements and coordinate bid acceptance procedures.

For Third-Party Contracts

•Upon approval of the city regional director and the principal - solicit contracts for potential vendors and coordinate vendor contract procedures.

South City Catholic Academy Board of Directors

•Attend scheduled meetings of the South City Catholic Academy Board of Directors.

•Prepare monthly financial reports and submit to the city-regional director and finance committee chair at least one week in advance of each board of director meeting.

•Be present to assist with a finance report at each board of director meeting.

•This report will be shared with members following approval of previous meeting minutes; the business manager will be excused from the meeting post-financial report and discussion.

Additional Responsibilities/Expectations:

•Establish and maintain clear lines of communication with the city-regional director and principal and meet with the principal on a regular basis.

•Maintain a code of confidentiality; communicate information and concerns to the principal in a timely manner.

•Adhere to all employee policies and expectations per the school, including Archdiocesan policy, procedures, and guidelines.

Contact Details:

Qualified candidates may submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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