Building & Real Estate Office

The Building and Real Estate Office supports parishes, administrative offices and agencies of the archdiocese with expertise, information and services related to facilities and real estate. Staff members assist in the purchase, sale and lease of properties. They also help with planning, design, construction, occupancy and operation of facilities, including environmental compliance.

The Building and Real Estate Office also:

  • directs new construction, renovation and repair work;
  • oversees construction sites and tracks progress of building projects;
  • maintains microfilm library of plans and blueprints;
  • develops lists of approved architects, engineers and contractors, and evaluates performance for future consideration;
  • works with pastors and archdiocesan legal counsel in writing lease agreements for unused facilities;
  • assists in the selection of sites for new parishes;
  • inspects archdiocesan properties and oversees environmental compliance and abatement programs;
  • identifies scope of environmental work, including air monitoring, bid packaging, bid evaluation and contract awards;
  • consults with the Office of Risk Management on issues of health and safety, and assists in resolving insurance claims;
  • facilitates safety and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) seminars.



Randy Rathert, Director

314.792.7084 or [email protected]

Robert Palisch, Manager of Archdiocesan Building Projects

314.792.7086 or [email protected]

Cheryl Harness, Office Administrator

314.792.7087 or [email protected]